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Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry II (LACHII)
Analytical Chemistry: Laboratory II

Department of analytical chemistry offers the laboratory courses in English. The subject "Analytical chemistry: Laboratory II" consists of seven one-day excersises mainly oriented to advanced instrumental methods (For fundamental analytical experiences - gravimetry, titrimetry, electrochemistry, etc - see subject "Analytical chemistry: Laboratory I").

Actually, we offer following issues:
Fluorescence spectroscopy,
Nuclear magnetic resonance,
Near-infrared spectroscopy,
Raman spectroscopy,
Gas chromatography
Flow injection analysis
and in situ analytical techniques*

* Practical in situ measurement will take place in the natural auriferous mine. In the case of diagnosed claustrophobia, discuss the possibilities with head of LACH II

Each issue, including the first one, will start with the 5-minutes 5-question entry test to verify student readiness for this issue. Minimum of 3 questions must be correctly answered to be allowed to work. The failure in the entrance test implies the mark "F" and the issue have to be recompensed in alternative date

Preliminary time plan: Laboratories will take place in a shortened course (13th and 14th weak of semester)
  • All necessary informations, including manuals for individual issues, will be provided by head of LACH II - Martin Clupek, Ph.D. (building A, 2nd floor, Room A277, Martin.Clupek@vscht.cz)

    • don't hesitate to contact me