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The Department of Organic Technology at ICT Prague has been involved in teaching and research in chemical technology, chemistry and industrial chemistry for nearly 80 years. Over this period the members of staff have achieved and maintained the highest standards in teaching coupled with a strong commitment to research and industrial cooperation. Throughout the years the departmental deep scientific commitment has supported a vibrant fundamental and applied research community.

Traditionally the undergraduate teaching and graduate students` courses have been highly rated and appreciated (high scores in students` marking, alumni's appreciated gained knowledge, graduates are successful job seekers, etc.), original research papers and patents have been frequently published (40 in average per year), and many technologies have been successfully designed, developed and implemented in the industrial practice (Aroma Prague, Duslo Sala, Chemopetrol Litvinov, Chemical Works Ostrava, etc.).

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ICT building A, room 77a (secretary)
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 - Dejvice
Phone: +420 220 444 167

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