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Chemists and friends from ECTN are  meeting in Prague

ECTN 2018 Prague General Assembly will be held from 20 (Fri) - 22 (Sun) April 2018 at UCT Prague, Praha, Czech Republic. Meeting is organised with the help of the CCS and UCT Prague.

There are expected  60-80 participants.



To contact us:


Local organizer:     Pavel DRAŠAR (CZ) drasarp@vscht.cz


Pavel DRASAR, Prof. Dr.

UCT Prague (VŠCHT Praha)

Technicka 1905/5, CZ-16628 Praha 6

Czech Republic


phone +420 220 443 698



ECTN URL www.ectn-assoc.org 

ECTN 2018 Prague General Assembly & Meetings

European Chemistry Thematic Network