COST D-31 Organizing Non-Covalent Chemical Systems with Selected Functions
Kick-off and MC meetings

Prague, 4. - 7.11. 2004                                LIVE CIRCULAR   {Sept. 24, 04}
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
Flemingovo 2, 166 10  Praha 6, main lecture hall
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The actual kick-off meeting (ca. 100 - 120 persons) on Friday 5/11 - Saturday 6/11.
MC meeting (ca. 20 - 28 persons) on Sunday 7/11.

The rules for the reimbursement of expenses for COST participants eligible for reimbursement are displayed at the COST Chemistry web site. Denis Niebecker should be consulted when in doubt.
Participants in the kick-off meeting not eligible for COST financial support will be charged a conference fee.

All communications are expected to be oral. If for any reason, someone wishes poster, it could be arranged o request.
A standard 5x5 cm slide projector and overhead projector will be provided. A computer screen projector will be available too. Be sure to bring your own portable PC to present any computer graphics without problems.

Thursday, November 4th
16.00 –> Arrival, accommodation, free evening

Friday, November 5th
08.00 -  09.00 registration
Chairperson Kari Rissanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
09.00 – 09.15 Opening words, D31 Chair Kari Rissanen, Jyväskylä, Finland
09.15 – 10.00 Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Strasbourg, France, “From Molecular Topology to Molecular Machines and Motors”
10.00 – 10.20 Zoe Pikramenou, Birmingham, UK “D31/0001/04”
10.20 – 11.00 Mike Ward, Sheffield, UK, “Photoinduced energy transfer in polynuclear metal complex assemblies” and WG D31/0006/04
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break
Chairperson Luisa De Cola,, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11.30 – 11.50 Antonella Dalla Cort, Rome, Italy “D31/0002/04”
11.50 - 12.20 Wais Hosseini, Strasbourg, France "Molecular tectonics : from molecules to crystals of crystals"
12.20 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 14.45 Makoto Fujita, Tokyo, Japan “Function through Architecture: Metal-Directed Self-assembly of Large Hollow Frameworks as Applied to Molecular Flasks”
14.45 – 15.15 Vladimir Kral, Prague, Czech Republic “Supramolecular application of oligopyrrolic macrocycles”
15.15 – 15.45 Wolfgang Lindner, Vienna, Austria "Noncovalent binding and molecular recognition investigated by LC-MS/MS methodologies"
15.45 – 16.15 Coffee break
Chairperson Mike Ward,, University of Sheffield, UK
16.15 – 16.45 Israel Goldberg, Tel-Aviv, Israel “Porphyrin Network Solids"
16.45 – 17.05 Enzo Alessio, Trieste, Italy
17.05 – 17.35 Zdenek Havlas, Prague, Czech “Theoretical analysis of weak interactions in large systems”
17.35 – 18.20 Michael D. Ward, Minnesota, USA “Architectural Diversity in Crystalline Hydrogen-bonded Supramolecular Networks“
18.20 – 19.00 Poster session with refreshments
19.00 – 21.00 Conference dinner

Saturday, November 6th
Chairperson Christina Moberg, Stockholm, Sweden
09.00 – 09.45 Rocco Ungaro, Parma, Italy, “Molecular Recognition and self-Assembly Properties of Peptido- and Glycocalixarenes”
09.45 – 10.05 Christoph Schalley, Bonn, Germany “D31/0004/04”
10.05 – 10.35 Ivan Stibor, Prague, Czech Republic “Receptors for Chiral Anions”
10.35 – 11.00 Coffee break
Chairperson Luigi Mandolini, Rome, Italy
11.00 – 11.30 Gianfranco Savelli, Perugia, Italy “Nanostucturated Systems for Chemical and Biomedical Applications”
11.30 – 11.50 Sijbren Otto, Cambridge, UK “D31/0005/04”
11.50 - 12.20 Constantinos Paleos, Athens, Greece “Liquid Crystals Derived from Covalently vs Non-covalently Functionalized Dendritic Polymers”
12.20 – 12.50 Maden Zinic, Zagreb, Croatia “Supramolecular Chemistry of Organogels. Stereochemistry of Gel Assemblies”
12.50 – 14.30 Lunch
Chairperson Kinga Suwinska, Warsaw, Poland
14.30 – 15.15 Luisa De Cola, Amsterdam, The Netherlands “From self-assembly to functional materials”
15.15 – 15.45 Fritz Vögtle, Bonn, Germany “Amide-based Molecular Knots: Synthesis, Topological Chirality, and Assembly"
15.45 – 16.15 Jerome Lacour, Geneve, Switzerland “Supramolecular Stereocontrol of Chiral Cations”
16.15 – 16.45 Coffee break
Chairperson Wais Hosseini, Strasbourg, France
16.45 – 17.30 Stefan Matile, Geneva, “Synthetic Multifunctional Pores”
17.30 – 18.00 Olli Ikkala, Helsinki, Finland “Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Polymeric Complexes: A Concept for Functional Materials”
18.00 – 18.45 Closing words, D31 Vice-Chair Christina Moberg, Stockholm, Sweden

(cancelled) Jean-Pierre Majoral, Toulouse, France “Phosphorus Dendrimers, Nano-objects for Nano-sciences” Sunday, November 7th

Chairperson Kari Rissanen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
9.00 - Management Committee meeting (MC members only)
12.30  lunch
15.00  closing of the D-31 Management Committee meeting

Organising Committee
Kari Rissanen - chairman, Christina Moberg, Pavel Drasar

Book of Abstracts
A book of abstracts will be published to cover all initial information from the D-31 participants and invited lecturers. It will be published as special issue of the Czech Chemical Society journal CHEMICKE LISTY. Therefore, all abstracts should be delivered to Pavel Drasar not later than on September 15, 2004.

For abstract preparation see instructions. Abstract should be submitted as both an MS Word and pdf file and labeled by the same name, according to directions. (If corrections are needed, the abstract must be resubmitted as both an MS Word and pdf file). Alternatively it could be submitted via mail, in three copies of printed version and an electronic version on a 3.5" diskette labeled with the presenting author name and one line from the beginning of the title. (e.g. Lecturer BW, ABSTRACT SETTINGS. THE TITLE OF). The abstract itself should be a maximum of two A4 pages (30x60 characters) or two columns in the tepmplate and can be typed using a template available. Late abstracts could be neglected. Only abstracts from registered participants who are eligible for COST financing or who did pay their conference fee will be processed, no exceptions will be allowed. Be sure to give your email address with every abstract for easy communication.

Abstract submission consists of two parts. The submission involves completion of the "Abstract Submission E-mail" to,  which lists the title of the paper, suggested type of contribution (poster, oral etc.), and contact information of presenting author and coauthors; the MS Word/DOC and Adobe Acrobat/PDF versions of abstract, named identically (do not change the DOC or PDF suffix), must be attached. Correction of this information can be done with citation of the original information, which has to be changed and requires the assigned abstract number and a unique ID which is sent to the presenting author in an e-mail confirmation. Anyone who is not able to submit Adobe Acrobat / PDF version of the manuscript  should use the mail submission in three copies of printed version and an MS Word/DOC electronic version on a 3.5" diskette labeled with the presenting author name and one line from the beginning of the title. (e.g. Lecturer BW, ABSTRACT SETTINGS. THE TITLE OF). "The Abstract Submission Information" attached lists the title of the paper, suggested type of contribution (poster, oral etc.), and contact information of presenting author and coauthors.

See the instructions, please.

Payments, congress fee
Conference fee (EUR 150) for all non-COST fiananced participants should be transferred (SWIFT / WIRE) "All charges to payee" to our bank (CESKA SPORITELNA as, Praha 1)
Account No. (IBAN) CZ48 0800 0011 1801 4187 4203,
BIC SWIFT code GIBA CZ PX, beneficiary: CSCH - Czech Chemical Society.
If you send a cheque add EUR 10 for check cashing fee. Make the cheque payable to (beneficiary): CSCH - Czech Chemical Society. Send the cheque to Drasar Pavel, COSTD31-KO+MC04, c/o VSCHT Praha - ustav 342, Technicka 5, 166 28 Praha 6.

Drasar Pavel, COSTD31-KO+MC04, c/o VSCHT Praha - ustav 342, Technicka 5, 166 28 Praha 6;, tel. (+420) 224 354 283, fax (+420) 224 310 859.

Meals (lunch) will be provided to all COST financed and fully registered participants. Coffee and refreshments will be offered during some breaks. Breakfast is served in all hotels but may be charged extra. Dinner could be taken in hotels or in numerous restaurants in Prague. There will be organized a conference dinner.

Extra arrangements, diets etc.
Be sure to give in advance any requirements for diet food. Late requests could be honored with expectable troubles.

Advance registration is necessary as the organizers need to know exact number of participants at the earliest convenience. For registration, send an email to Pavel Drasar before Sept. 15, 2004.

Special travel arrangements
There are no extra travel arrangement made for the event. However, any participant can use special CCS discounts with HERTZ and AVIS, when booking a car with them. Use X936901 for AVIS and CDP697129 for HERTZ.

Anyone who is a registered participant and needs a visa should contact Pavel Drasar to get the formal letter of invitation.

Travel from airport
There is a cheap travel possibility from Prague airport to ICT Prague. Use bus 119 from the airport RUZYNE to station DEJVICKA and walk two blocks [see the maps attached on the top]. Tram and bus tickets are sold in tobacconist's kiosks and in yellow slot machines. Bus drivers do sell tickets as well. Price is CZK 12-15 (EUR 0.5) . Alternatively, you can use a taxi. Be sure to negotiate fare in advance, ask taxi dispatcher for help. Taxi will cost ca CZK 200 (ca EUR 7) driver should give you a receipt.

Other ways of travel
With other ways of travel (railway station, bus station, car) get the orientation point VITEZNE NAMESTI in Prague DEJVICE quarter (Subway/Metro) and the proceed following the map to the conference venue.

Accompanying Persons  Program
There will not be organized any ladies program.

Official Czech currency is Crown (CZK, locally abbrev. Kc) which divides into 100 Hellers (1/100 CZK, h). It is approximately 32 CZK in 1 EUR. The cheapest way is to get the Czech Crowns from ATM with your credit or debit cards (VISA, EC/MC are very popular) at the airport or in the town. At the Prague airport there is also the possibility of bank exchange. Be careful with the exchange and always check rate and commission first. For official exchange rates see Czech banks Ceska Sporitelna as (look under Kursovni listek)  or CSOB as.

The official language of the meeting will be English, no translations will be provided.

Health and insurance
Be sure to consult your specialist at home in any expected special case. There is no special health risk in the Czech Republic to be expected. Health care is provided in emergency cases. In non-emergency cases theservice generally need to be paid for. There are some bilateral agreements with some states. The current status should be checked in advance.

Special requirements
Be sure to inform Pavel Drasar about any special requirements.

As a rule, we answer all correspondence and mails. Due to large problems with spam, worm filtering etc., please, be sure to repeat your message if not properly answered.