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International Conference on Isoprenoids.

22nd Conference on Isoprenoids

Prague, Czech Republic, September 7—10, 2014

Isoprenoid Conference, Recent Progress in Chemistry, Biology and Applications

This is the re-birth of the famous Conference on Isoprenoids that was established originally as the Polish-Czech forum of natural products chemists by Professors Marian Kocór, Vaclav Černý, Vlastimil Herout and their co-workers. The conference fulfilled an important role in integrating European chemists.

The “Isoprenoids” forum became quickly known as one of the pioneering channels in the 1960s and 1970s that surmounted the very high Arrhenius barrier, The Iron Curtain, that restricted contacts between chemists on either side of this barrier. The Conference later evolved into a forum that brought “isoprenoid folk” together with as many specialists as possible from broadly connected fields of research to promote practical uses of isoprenoid science and information dissemination.

The last true Isoprenoid conference (21st) was held in Białowieża, Poland, 23-29 September 2005. The following Conference in Karpacz (Poland, 8-12 July 2009) that initially intended to be the 22nd conference o Isoprenoids, but in an attempt to broaden participation by chemists with broader, but related, interests it was organized under the title “Conference on Advances in Organic Synthesis”.

Czech Chemical Society

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The present conference will occur several days after the 5th EuCheMS Congress in Istanbul, so that the attendees from distant countries will have an economical way to attend the conference and extend their visit to Europe.

The year 2014 was selected so as not to coincide with the topically related Chicago Congress on Steroid Research, TERPNET 2013 Meeting, or TERPNET 2015 Meeting.

The aim is to organize the rejuvenated Isoprenoid Conference every other year.


The organisers hope that Isoprenoids will again play an important role both the scientific field and personal lives of many “isoprene tagged” chemists.

Organising Committee

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Authors of selected abstracts from the conference submissions will be selected for oral contributions.