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Purpose: xpplot is a data plotting tool for Unix w/ X11.
Here is the latest version (2.4.8) of xpplot: the C source code (75 kB) xpplot.c and the compressed file xpplot.c.gz (19 kB).
It is published under the GNU General Public License.
Here is a sophisticated example, prepared for the Idaho State University, to show how to use xpplot in batch mode.
Here are the data.
And here is the relulting picture in Postscript (16 kB).
Package xpplot.tar.gz (29 kB)
demo data file d (2 kB)
demo data file x (1 kB)
demo data file y (1 kB)
demo data file xy (3 kB)

Here is the DOS version plot.exe (88 kB).

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