Marching Cubes ELD


Latest version of MCE

Latest version of MCE can be downloaded from Source Forge here (from 1.1.2017).
Watch tutorials on youtube here .

Old versions of MCE

For downloading other MCE versions click here

3.2.0 news:

- Troubles with surface transparency solved
- New input file type added - *.xplor. It is one of the SUPERFLIP output.
- new CMD option added: -output [crystals|xyz|m40] [file_name]
- New input file type added - *.3d
- MCE can load atom coordinates from *.cif files. Use menu->load atoms or use the cmd option.
CMD option: write the path of the cif file to the end of the cmd e.g.: mce.exe -lcp 0.1 0 -0.1 -lcs 0.5 0.2 -0.3 map1.fou map2.fou atoms.cif
- GSAS monoclinic example
- New file formats for save peak function - general *.xyz and Jana2006 compatible *.m40 file formats

2.3.0 news:

- MCE can load atom coordinates from *.m40 file format (JANA2006)
- showing distances from nearest atoms when placing the new yellow "q" atom to the map
- atom info (label and x, y, z coords) is working
- 3D picking of GRD(JANA2006) and GSAS map format is working correctly
- GRD(JANA2006) and GSAS maps are shown for all visible cells. This can be performed by using SG Setup window

2.2.2 news:

- new command line option
MCE cmd option:
-s OpenGL setting (StereoHW)
-i OpenGL setting (StereoInterlaced)
-v OpenGL setting (StereoVertical)
-lcp [level1 level2 level3] level control primary map settings
This argument needs 3 values
-lcs [level1 level2 level3] level control secondary map settings
This argument needs 3 values
-uca [0|1] unit cell axes visibility; 1=visible, 0=hidden
-mds [0|1|2|3|4|5] Molecule display style. 0=off, 1=line, 2=cylinder
3=ball and line, 4=ball and cylinder, 5=scaled ball
-eld_line_style [0|1] ELD map display style. 0=lines, 1=cylinders
-organic Data type
-inorganic Data type
-color [plevel1|plevel2|plevel3|slevel1|slevel2|level3|bg] [r g b]
Color settings. This argument can be used more than once.
each color option needs 3 values red, green and blue [0-255]
e.g. mce.exe -color bg 0 0 0
e.g. mce.exe -color plevel1 255 0 0 -color plevel2 0 255 0
-eld_mode [prim|sec] [0|1|2|3] Map mode: 0=contour lines, 1=surface,
2=contour and surface, 3=off
e.g. mce.exe -eld_mode prim 2 -eld_mode sec 0
note: The surface mode turns off level2 and level3
-eld_normals [prim|sec] [0|1] Surface normals. 0=normal, 1=reverse
To load file use just file name (with full path if the file is not in the same directory)
e.g. mce.exe map1.fou map2.fou
another expample:
mce.exe -lcp 0.1 0 -0.1 -lcs 0.5 0.2 -0.3 map1.fou map2.fou

2.2.0 news:

- Drawing cavities as balls
- Deleting atoms and bonds

2.1.00 - 2.1.11 news:

- New classes created: I/O classes; Atom, molecule, UnitCell classes, etc. (the code is more synopticall)
- Add functions: "D" Delete selected molecule, Saving colors in "Color settings" window.
- Save map settings and use it for next file or files.

Bugs report:

2.2.3: cmd line argument such as file path can contain white spaces
2.2.2: File permissions in program files directory solved
2.1.11: pov-ray export repaired.