Numerical methods


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Textbook:  Numerical Methods  
Seminar 1 The Lagrange interpolating polynomial Exercise 1 (in Maple)
Seminar 2 Difference Approximations to the derivative Exercise 2 (in Maple)
Seminar 3-4 Numerical integration Exercise 3-4 (in Maple)
Seminar 5-6 Numerical methods of the linear algebra Exercise 5-6 (in Maple)
Seminar 7 Newton's method Exercise 7 (in Maple)
Seminar 8 Numerical methods for ODE (IVP) Exercise 8 (in Maple)
Seminar 9-10 Numerical methods for ODE (BVP) Exercise 9-10 (in Maple)
Seminar 11 Numerical methods for Parabolic PDE Exercise 11 (in Maple)
       Numerical interpolation: f(x)=1/(1+x^2) ,  Lagrange interpolation, Cubic spline approximation, Interpolated data